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Android: The Undisputed Leader in the App Development Market

Android: The Undisputed Leader in the App Development Market

27 May

Various businesses across the world are now emphasizing on building unique mobile apps to expand their customer base. A 2017 statistics say the android users worldwide have gone over 2 billion and the number must have increased by now. The Android market covers 87.7 percent of the global mobile operating system according to reports released in the year 2017. The demand will accelerate in the coming years.  This explains how a mobile app can give significant direction to your business.

To gain strategic and operational benefits, businesses of all sizes opt for Android app development. They leverage mobile apps to increase their business strength and augment their revenue.

1- Android Application Development, a necessary option for Today’s Business

Android Application Development

Creativity is what determines the success of every business and this especially helps you if you aim to target a huge number of customers. Revenue generation is the ultimate aim of every business and the coming of an affordable and scalable platform like android helps numerous developers out there to build apps and to pave the way for success.

Android mobile application development is an essential component of the ongoing digital revolution. Experts say android development is a reliable and affordable platform for businesses to build their apps.

Due to its open source nature, Android comes with a major user base and offers simple app development facility. An increasing number of organizations are utilizing this platform to create mobile apps keeping in mind their customer behavior and to enhance the value of their business.

Many innovate apps have been developed on this platform. Through the Software Developer tool Kit used in the process to write applications, the developers can check the existing features of the apps so that they can create an improved version.

Android is a brilliant technology and it helps numerous organizations in the world to reach their target audience with ease and effectively fulfill their requirements. The number of mobile phone users is growing and it indirectly helps developers to excel in the art of making mobile apps on Android.


2- Benefits of Android Mobile Apps for your Business are listed below.

  • 2.1- Open Source nature encourages learning among developers

Since it is an open source platform, any developer can offer tips and suggestions on this. It allows the developers to come together under a platform and share each other’s experiences and skills. This ultimately helps the developers to brush up their skills. It gives rise to a feeling of community among them and they openly talk about the upcoming expansions coming to this platform. This has become a lucrative medium for those dealing in the handset manufacturing business and wireless operators as this technology enables them to develop mobile apps in a faster and affordable manner and create rich opportunities for developers to earn money.

  • 2.2- Easy to Develop

Android apps are developed through Javascript which comes with a rich library. With a considerable knowledge in java, anyone can experiment a mobile app. A majority of Java developers say it is easy to employ and script code for mobile apps in the Android operating system. They find it easy to accommodate a code script into a mobile app and can incorporate the android app program services into it.

  • 2.3- Enables Easy integration of Features

The Android app fits your bill when you want an app that reflects your customer requirement and the nature of your business and also want a medium to communicate with your audience and enhance your business presence.

  • 2.4- Offers High Return of investment

The Android development is comprised of three phases, app development, testing and the final deployment of the app. The development cost is less compared to other types of applications yet it gives a high return of profits. Because with Android an app you can target an innumerable number of customers and it adds to your growth. It is a free software platform from which anyone can learn things.

  • 2.5- It helps to Market Your App across Multiple Channel

One great benefit of using android applications is that they can be deployed across several platforms and it works as a marketing formula. Your app will have more visibility as it will be distributed on different platforms. Additionally, you can launch your app in a third-party market like Google android market. You can create your own network of distribution to double up the sale. In short, you can address your audience with multiple channels.

  • 2.6- Enhanced Security

Android P, the 16th updated version of the mobile operating system has tightened the security aspect of the Android apps with various features. This safeguards your application from any possible malware attack and viruses. So you can count on the Android platform if you want to build a secured mobile app.

Being a free source platform, Android allows developers to exercise their creativity and freedom in the best manner. Hence Android mobile apps are versatile and they can be incorporated into your multimedia tools and your data management processes. So an android mobile app gives a business an edge over its competitors by taking care of the ever-increasing business needs.

3- Statistical Analysis of the use of Android apps

An early 2019 Statistics project that the total share of android apps is 75.16 percent globally and it is way higher than the iOS users. It is a value-creating mobile application platform that modern organizations can rely upon.

The users access the internet through various systems like laptop, notebook, Smartphones, tablets, etc. In the year 2017, around 38 percent of users access the internet through Android devices. In the US alone, the Android mobile operating system share reached 62 percent in the year 2017.

According to a global analysis, above 4000 different types of Android devices were operating in the year 2015. Every Smartphone model offers different versions and hence the number goes high day by day. There is a strong likelihood of this number reaching up to 10,000 by now. This creates the necessity that your app should be responsive to all Android devices. This has indirectly posed a challenge in front of mobile app developers.

If to follow the statistics again, as many as 400 companies were manufacturing android based devices in the year 2015. With the availability of so many Android mobile phone brands, this number must have also gone up. The Android tablet users also had an impressive share of 70 percent out of the total mobile users in 2015.

So android is enjoying an undisputed leadership in the mobile app development market. A much recent April 2018 statistics reveal above 100 million users utilizing Google pay which can be downloaded only on Android devices. Across the world, nearly 870 banks support Google pay which shows a broader acceptance in the marketplace.

4- Final Notes

The idea behind presenting these statistics is to show you how android based apps have dominated the market. So if you are presently focusing on building mobile apps for your business you should think about only one option and that is Android. As more and more number of Android-based devices is getting introduced in this world, the Android app development will continue to flourish in the coming years.