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Create a Rich Fortune With a Successful Online E-Commerce Business

Create a Rich Fortune With a Successful Online E-Commerce Business

07 May

The success of leading online market places like Amazon and Flipkart is an excellent notion for other e-Commerce retailers. So what makes an e-Commerce store a successful venture? Yes, there is some secret formula that you must follow to boost your sales. The reasons could be many, which include attractive web design, active customer service, uniqueness of concept, superb user experience, etc.

Do you revisit websites which are poorly designed? Creating a first good impression can take you to a long run. Design matters a lot when it comes to logo and having a rare idea will help you sail through in the market.

Designing an online e-Commerce store is not enough, you must maintain it from time to time to experience profits in the long run. A few strategies would help you to design a successful online store.

All these factors are accumulated based on the perspective of buyers as what they look in your site and how to catch their attention and drive the sale on your favor.

1- Marvelous Web Design

Marvelous Web Design for e commerce store

Even if you have the best product in your domain and are offering brilliant customer service, if your store appears clumsy, it will affect your online presence. Online experts say almost 93 percent buyers prefer visuals when they buy things online.

Web design is not a DIY task. Even though you choose those ready to made templates, managing a store with them is difficult in real as your business will grow. So, a better alternative is to hire a quality designer to build your site and customize it according to your requirement. Two things which are necessary in this aspect is high-resolution full-width images and light text.

2- Perfect About us Page

When a visitor checks ‘about us’ page, it means he or she is willing to know more about the products offered by the company.  This gives you a chance to prove the usefulness of your products. You must provide an accurate, clear and straightforward description of your products and services. It should reflect what you give to your customers. The focus here will be on the achievements, testimonials or any social media presence. Give the necessary contact information and make sure your visitors can easily find it. It should include your location, contact email, and social media links.

Never load the about us page with content as visitors do not have time to read them. They want precise and exact information.

3- Make Sure Your Store is Mobile Responsive

According to prediction, mobile shopping will cover 45 percent of total online shopping by the year 2020. This speaks about the extreme popularity of mobile shopping, so you must build your store as mobile friendly. The aim should be to create a responsive store so that your customers can buy effortlessly no matter which devices they use. You should use responsive templates to make your store device friendly. Experts recommend choosing vertical designs that enable easy viewing of your content. It also helps in scrolling the features.

4- SEO Friendly Store

To receive as much traffic as possible, you must build your online store as SEO friendly. Optimizing your site in all the leading search engines will enable you to attract visitors. The emphasis here is to use relevant keywords in your product descriptions and titles. These will help your site to get good ranking in the search engines, and this will lead to increased visibility. More and more visitors will come to your website and eventually turn as customers.

5- Establish a Partnership With Other Brands

Partnering with the other brands, you can build your reputation in the market. Even if you have tie-ups with small companies, it will create trust in the minds of the visitors about your products and services. More the number of partners, the better will be the result. The effort should be to highlight your partners on your home page to attract your site visitors.

6- Round the Clock Customer Support

Customer support is significant, and online buyers often look for it. Assisting your customers after they make a purchase and guiding them through the purchase you can build a reliable base of customers. Live chat support is necessary for your site, and it is known to have increased the conversion rate by 10 percent. If you cannot afford 24×7 services, you still should offer some form of customer support to help your visitors during peak hours. The focus should be to provide support on every stage of shopping right from entering the site until the final payment. This support should be included in your site.

7- Provide Easy Payment Options

The payment option is an inevitable part of your online store, and you must consist of the popular payment gateways on your website so that your customer has a natural sale purchase activity. You should allow the payment details of your customer to be saved for all future purchases. This will lead to a seamless transaction.

8- Augment Your Social Media Presence

In the present days, social media is a powerful tool to connect to your target mass of customers in an unexpected way. Tracking tools such as Google analytics help you see which are the channels your customer are using the most, whether it is Facebook or Instagram. You can exercise your creativity in this field and attempt to reflect the nature of your prime buyers into your advertisements. By using analytics you can check which are the ads are appreciated by the customers, and subsequently, it helps you to improve your future campaigns.

Final Notes

These factors mostly determine the success of an online e-Commerce store. Together with these tips, you can also try for free shipping in your store as this will encourage your customers. Many of the times thinking about the shipping rate, visitors abandon the idea of buying the products. This will work as an incentive if you have not included this in your products.