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Mobile Apps: The Changing Face of E-Commerce Business

Mobile Apps: The Changing Face of E-Commerce Business

17 May

Mobile apps have far-reaching impact in the e-commerce market and their popularity is evident in all form of businesses. Earlier the mobile apps were dominant in the entertainment and gaming industries, but now they have conquered all business verticals. In other words, there is an app for everything in the modern world. The e-commerce industry is now heavily relying on mobile apps to build their fortune. Every business is now aiming to build a mobile app.

A large number of people now use smartphones and utilize them for various things and shopping is one of them. This is a major reason for the success of e-commerce mobile apps as it is convenient to do shopping with them compared to the desktops.

The mobile apps offer a smooth user experience compared to the websites. They give an easy viewing and hence people like to use them frequently than other mediums like laptops and desktops. You can quickly open and close an app whenever you feel to do so. The amount of fastness to do this is cannot be expected with a desktop.

According to an analysis, modern day generation checks their phones about 150 times a day and they spend an average of three hours in their mobiles. Around 70 percent of businesses have stated that mobile apps have greatly contributed to the success of their business. Do you know the number of apps available at the time of launching the Apple app store in the year 2008? It was just 800 in numbers and it became 2,200,000 in the year 2017. So the change is visible.

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The idea behind an e-commerce mobile app is better customer engagement. The successful launching and operation of various mobile apps in the e-commerce world have changed the face of the online retail business.

1- Why do People Prefer Mobile Apps Over Websites?

The mobile websites have taken a backseat after the coming of the mobile apps. This is simply because mobile apps offer a dedicated platform for customers as it enables them to do whatever they want to do and this much of freedom is restricted in a desktop browser or mobile browser. Moreover, mobile apps can quickly utilize the facilities given on smartphones such as GPS location, camera, etc. Another benefit is that certain apps you can use in offline also. They have a quick loading time compared to a website. You can access the app through a single tap.

E-Commerce mobile apps have altered the way customers behave when they go shopping online. Around 89 percent of users prefer to use retail mobile apps rather than websites. These apps now offer an increased user engagement and so they help the businesses to understand how to engage their customers in the best possible manner.

This is the age of online shopping and everything is done in a fast forward manner right from placing the order till the delivery. The coming of the attractive deals and promos make online e-commerce more appealing to the customers. Experts say that mobile apps are a blessing for the e-commerce industry as they have made online shopping more convenient than ever. Various e-commerce businesses have reported that a significant portion of their profit comes from mobile users.

2- How a Mobile app will help in the Growth of Your Business?

• Earning Quick Feedback about Products and Services

Mobile apps are a wonderful way to quickly know about the feedback of the customers. Customers share their views and opinions through their likes, dislikes and from this, the businesses know about the strengths and drawback in their service. This is important for any business to know what their customers are feeling about their products and services.

• Using Analytics to know More about Customers

Analytics is an essential feature of mobile apps which enable businesses to track the statistics about an app and the number of people who use them. They especially help you when you are about to launch any new product or service in the market by providing useful information on who will be your target customers. Obtaining more and more information on your target mass of customers will help you develop products which will be appealing to them. This will put your business into an advantageous position.

• Saving Time and Money in Product Search

Through mobile apps, the customers can quickly find the products they are looking for with companies who offer a whole lot of products. This can be explained in simple words, whether you would like to spend time in browsing products at a physical store and feel upset when not finding it at last, or will spare a minute on your mobile which will instantly tell you about the availability of products you are looking for.

• Offering Fast Performance

Needless to say, mobile apps operate faster than the main websites if they are properly optimized. They offer a clean and smooth appeal and easy to operate. They are intuitive and even people with little technical knowledge can operate them. The slow user experience in a website creates dissatisfaction in the minds of the users and hence they always prefer mobile apps for a better experience. With a speedy mobile app, your business will flourish as it will draw a number of customers.

• Offering an Affordable Marketing Option

A mobile app works as an advertisement for your business. When a person types something similar to your business on the Google app store and find your app and download it, he will know about your business. If he likes your app, he will interact with you through your app and eventually turn as a customer.

3- Final Notes

Previously it was necessary for every business to have a website to create an online presence. Now it has become mandatory to have a mobile app to strengthen the online presence. Mobile apps are profitable for both customers and business owners. It helps a business owner to easily interact with his customers and equally help the customers to find the products and services they are searching for. What is important is that mobile apps have helped small time businesses to compete with the industry biggies. They have given a chance to every business to create a mark in the e-commerce industry. So keep these factors in mind, the importance of an e-commerce mobile app cannot be brushed aside.