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Top Success Stories App Developers of the Year 2019

Top Success Stories App Developers of the Year 2019

05 Apr

Numerous applications are floating in the market, and each one of them has unique and useful concepts. We understand that designing a single app can cost so much of time, energy and money to a person. However, among all the applications launched, there are few such apps which have achieved complete success and appreciation. Below listed are some examples of some of the app development companies.

1. Lisk- Max Kordek

The saying that one should do what they love doing to gain success in life is cliché, but the authenticity of the statement is still genuine. We understand that it does not only take passion for designing a successful application. However, it is one of the most crucial stepping stone to the ladder of success.

The struggle for developing a successful application for Max Kordek began at a very young age of 14 years. At that time he had engaged himself in Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain industry. In simple words, Blockchain is a secure way to stop corrupt ethics such as rewriting records or tampering data. On the other hand, Blockchain forms the basis of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and many others. Bitcoins and other such currencies enable a user to make various transactions without the aid of bank authority. In this way, a user is also saved from different bank thefts.

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Even though Blockchains have been witness to so much of exploitation is known to everyone, it was also Kordek who saw much more potential of the same in finance, gaming, and other various sectors. Then, he joined hands with Oliver Beddows, Co-founder to increase the accessibility of Blockchains with Lisk. Lisk is a framework for Blockchain applications. In this journey, Max Kordek was helped by his community as they arranged for 14,000 Bitcoins.

2. Appbot- Stuart Hall

Not all the success stories have a fairytale plot. These days the app developers and designers are touching new heights by launching new and useful applications with innovative ideas. The next unusual success story is of Stuart Hall, the CEO of Appbot.

Appbot is a tool based application which is specially designed to help and support various marketers, developers by earning more app user love and downloads. This application is also responsible for maintaining other important things such as bug reports, multiple inputs and even requests for the feature.

Readers would not be thrilled to know that it is not the only widespread and successful application designed by Stuart Hall. Earlier he had intended a music application, and this project was loved so much by the users that it was downloaded 4 million times. The other successful application by him was “Discover Apps” which recommended its users best apps to use. It has also topped the entertainment charts for two days in 16 different countries.
There was also a time when Hall decided to design an application in one night and then without informing others, examine if he can succeed in the same. At the same time when he tasted so much of success, he has also had his own share of failure and setbacks. In his many interviews, one thing has been prevalent that he was not running behind money and power. Instead, he was determined to succeed.

3. Virtru- Will and John Ackerly

The third on our list is a unique application called Virtru. These days’ applications have been designed for literally every small thing such as setting up our health-care routine, drinking water reminders, how to keep your house clean and what not. Virtru is such a type of app which helps to enhance one’s security. Not many people are aware of the fact that Virtru was designed by two brothers Will and John Ackerly in the year 2012.

Few of the primary reason behind the popularity of this application is it is easy to operate, user-friendly and many others. The primary purpose of this application is the make sure that all the messages and e-mails shared over G-mail, Outlook, Skype and various other internet platforms are secured and encrypted so that no loss of privacy and security cab happen. This is not it; other unique and useful features of the applications are listed below:
– Helpful for business use
– Restraining senders from forwarding the messages, once they have been read
– Helps in performing rescinding

This project by Will and John Ackerly performed so well that it was even listed in the top list of Forbes.

4. Slack- Stewart Butterfield

Last but not the least, yet another success story listed today by us is that of Stewart Butterfield, the talented designer of Slack app. This application is very famous among most of the people in this world. However, if someone still is not aware of it, then Slack is a platform for exchanging messages.