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Ultimate Hacks to Make your App a Big Success

Ultimate Hacks to Make your App a Big Success

19 Apr

Whenever a new mobile application is launched or planned to be designed, there are tons of expectations which comes along with it. It is vital to keep up with these expectations to ensure the success of the given app. We all understand the fact that there are thousands of things which an application designer has to keep in mind. Today, we bring you a list of few most critical guidelines; one should consider for becoming expert at cross-platform app development applications which are often sidelined by the people.

1- Icon of the Application

Yes, you have read it right; it is crucial to make sure that the app’s icon is attractive and meaningful. It is because the first and the foremost characteristic noticed by the users. Also, it is the source of the first impression which a person develops looking at the icon. Often it is through the application icon which tells a lot about the specific app and also the services it offers.

One of the biggest miss-conceptions of almost all the app developing companies is that they prefer to give more attention to the fundaments, applications and no, of downloads to the application. This, in turn, shifts their focus from the main icon. Thus, we can now conclude that it is only and only the icon which plays an important role in the popularity of the app among people.

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 One of the most prominent examples for the same is the icons of popular applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and many more as they speak for the app themselves and widely recognized as well.

2-  Description of the Application

The second most influential factor in app developing is to keep a thorough check on its description listed by the application team itself. The main reason behind the importance of explanation is that it is the only source through which any everyday user can attain the basic idea about the application’s functionality, applications, and purpose.

If this description is not up-to-the expected quality, then it can surely hamper the number of downloads performed by the users. The other crucial things which should be listed in the description box are its features, advantages, etc. in the best way.

3- The Size of your Application Matters a lot

There is no doubt that mobile phones to a great extent have outshined the use of computers for an immediate and easy task. However, there is one such disadvantage which comes along with owning a mobile phone. It is that a person is always bound to make full use of a fixed amount of storage space, which cannot be expanded to a great extent.

We do agree that these days, many companies have launched handsets with enough expandable storage facility as well. But, users still prefer that the size of the application which they want to download should be compact and considerable. This is because it is not the storage space which is the issue but also the amount of data which will be consumed for doing the same. Hence, every user will prefer an application with minimum size possible.

4- Review Listed by the Users

One cannot even imagine that how much the review and ratings do from the users affect the application and also the number of its users. Yes, it is a common notion for every type of consumer to first check the review and ratings from the previous users or customer to be surer of its quality and applications.

Therefore, application developers should never neglect the reviews and ratings posted by the users. If in case, there are some negative feedbacks by people, they should strive hard enough to assist the issues and not give the users a second chance for the criticisms. Doing this will also help you build an excellent user database at cross-platform app development.

5- Marketing Strategies of One’s Application

Irrespective of the fact that how much ever your developed application is excellent for the users or how many extra-ordinary features it offers, if it is not marketed well, it will not yield the results which you have been expecting. Thus, invest a decent amount of money, time, ideas and innovations to market your applications to a great extent.

If the strategies adopted by your are well enough, and the application developed by your is also up-to-the requirements, then there is absolutely nothing in the world which can stop you from climbing the ladder of success.


Final Insights

After reading all the above-listed information in detail, we can guarantee that if factors we have discussed would be taken care of, the applications which are one of the most popular and successful application ever designed. However, there are also some necessary technicalities which should always be balanced along with these to make ends meet.